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HSAS Library Website: Finding books

What is the fastest, most efficient way to find books in the Lehman College library?

The most efficient way may be to get help from a librarian at the reference desk on the first floor.

On your own, you should:

  1. Use either Lehman College's OneSearch search engine/database to find books that Lehman College owns. Each of these tools has advantages and disadvantages. See the descriptions and links to these databases elsewhere on this page and the separate pages about them. 
  2. Find the book's call number and make sure that OneSearch shows it as available (rather than out of library). Write down or otherwise record the call number. 
  3. Identify the first letter of the call number. 
  4. Use the Stacks Directory on this page to match that first letter to the book's location in the stacks.
  5. Go to that area of the stacks. Signs hanging from the ceiling on the second and third floors will tell you which way is north and which way is south.
  6. Look for aisles containing that first letter, or the first two letters (if applicable), of the call number.
  7. When you find the books with the same first letter as yours, look at the first number. Follow those numbers up or down on the shelves until you get a match.
  8. When you find a number that matches, look at the second letter. Follow the books on the shelves up or down alphabetically until you find a match. 
  9. Once you've matched the first letter(s), the first number, and the second letter, look for a match for the second number. 
  10. Keep going this way until the call number matches exactly. 
  11. You've found your book!

Watch a video about finding books using the Library of Congress call number system:

 Stacks directory

Call Number Location
A, B, C, D 2nd Floor (South)
E, F 2nd Floor (North)
G, GV, H, J  3rd Floor (North)
K 3rd Floor (South - East)
3rd Floor (South) (Education)
ML1 – MT1375 2nd Floor (North)
N 2nd Floor (North)
3rd Floor (North)
Q, R, S, T, U, V 3rd Floor (South)
3rd Floor (South - East)
Atlases  (G - QA) Technical Services
2nd Floor 
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Education & Juvenile
Books & Periodicals
3rd Floor (South-West)
Govt. Docs. Periodicals Room 
Concourse Level (North)
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Leisure Reading Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Microfilm Periodicals 
Concourse Level (North)
Music Scores (M1-M2198),
Audio CDs
Technical Services
2nd Floor 
(ask at Circulation Desk)
(Except Education)
Concourse Level (North & South)
Ready Reference Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Reference Books
(Except Education & M's)
Concourse Level (South)
Reserve Books Reserve
Concourse Level (South)
Special Collections Room 230
2nd Floor (North)
Video (DVD & VHS) Reserve
Concourse Level (South)