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HSAS Library Website: Library rules

Library rules for HSAS students

  • HSAS students may use the library until 8 p.m. during regular college sessions. Students are allowed to use the library during their lunch period and after school.
  • Please cooperate with the security guard at the library’s entrance. Students should always swipe or show ID cards when entering. Backpacks may be inspected when entering or leaving.
  • Students are expected to behave in an adult manner.  Loud talking, inappropriate or other disruptive behavior will result in suspension of library privileges. Please have respect for other people studying.
  • Because this is a college collection, we do not permit censorship of our materials.  Please make certain your parent or guardian understands this.
  • Group study rooms are reserved exclusively for Lehman College students.
  • Students should leave mobile phones and similar devices on vibrate.  Cellphone conversations may only take place in the library gallery (near the entrance on the first floor) or in the stairwells.
  • To maintain cleanliness and preserve print and electronic resources, food and drink are only allowed in the library gallery area (near the entrance on the first floor). Students may bring in water bottles, but must keep them away from computers.
  • The computers in the reference area, the computer labs, the education section, the fine arts area, and the periodicals should be used for homework and research purposes only.  Word processing is available in the computer labs and most computers in other areas.
  • Audiovisual materials, available in the fine arts area on the second floor, may be used within the library building. Individual carrels equipped with AV equipment are available.  Audiovisual materials cannot be borrowed.