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HSAS Library Website: Borrowing books

Borrowing books from the library

How do you borrow books?

To borrow an item, check it out at the Circulation Desk on the main floor. All borrowers must present a valid Lehman College identification card to check out library materials. Because the Library uses an automated circulation system in which all transactions are registered against a bar-encoded label, all borrowers must be registered.

How many books can you borrow?
You are allowed to borrow up to five items per visit. 

How long can you keep them?
The initial borrowing period is four weeks. You can also extend the length of your borrowing period by another four weeks by renewing your books online before their due date. After the renewal period is over, books must be returned, but could be checked out again unless someone has requested them. Please return your materials on time. All books are due on the date that is stamped on a slip in the back of each book.

Checked-out books may be recalled before their due date
Any books you check out may be recalled by other library users, and must be returned within two weeks after the recall is requested, regardless of the original due date. When returned, all recalled books are held at the Circulation Desk for five (5) business days and a notice is sent to the requesting borrower. Books requested by the faculty to be put on reserve will be recalled immediately.

Where do you return books?
When the library is open, return books directly to the Circulation Desk. When either the Circulation Desk or the library are closed, you can put books in the return slot to the right of the main entrance outside the library at all hours. Please be aware that if you just leave a book on the Circulation Desk counter there is no guarantee it will be cleared from your record. Make sure you put them in the designated return slot or hand them to Circulation Desk staff to be checked in.

If you return a book late, there's a fine
Please take good care of all library materials and return them promptly.  You and your guardian will be responsible for any overdue charges, as well as charges for lost library materials.  Fines are 25 cents per day per book.  Borrowing privileges at Lehman College are suspended for any student with fines or overdue books outstanding.  Violators will be reported to the Principal of the High School of American Studies.

If you lose a book, you have to pay for it
Books that are reported lost must be paid for at the current price, plus a processing fee.