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HSAS Library Website: Library Rules and Policies

Library Hours for HSAS Students

HSAS Students may use the Library until 8 p.m. during the regular college session. Students are allowed to use the library during their lunch period and after school.

Circulation Policy

Loan Periods
You may borrow up to five circulating items per visit.  All items circulate for four weeks.  Please return your materials on time.. All books are due on the date that is stamped on a slip in the back of each book.

Borrowing Regulations
The Library stacks are open to all students and faculty. Books may be borrowed at the Circulation Desk on the main floor. A Lehman College identification card validated for the current semester must be presented to borrow any Library materials. Because the Library uses an automated circulation system in which all transactions are registered against a bar-encoded label, all borrowers must be registered.

If the borrower's identification card or any book to be borrowed does not contain a bar-coded label (on the inside back cover), bring it to the Circulation Desk registration station (closest to the elevators).

Books may be recalled after two weeks for all borrowers. When returned, all recalled books are held at the Circulation Desk for five (5) business days and a notice is sent to the requesting borrower. Books requested by the faculty for Reserve use will be recalled immediately.

Book Returns
Books should be returned directly to the Circulation Desk when the Library is open. When the Circulation Desk or the Library is closed the book return slot to the right of the main entrance outside the Library should be used. Remember that just leaving books on the Circulation Desk counter or re-shelving them will not clear your record. All returned books must be checked in by the Circulation Desk staff.

Please take good care of all library materials and return them promptly and in good condition.  You and your guardian will be responsible for any overdue charges, as well as charges for lost library materials.  Fines are 25 cents per day per book.  Books which are reported lost must be paid for at the current price, plus a processing fee.  Borrowing privileges at Lehman College are suspended for any student with fines or overdue books outstanding.  Violators will be reported to the Principal of the High School of American Studies.

Lost Books
Books that are reported lost must be paid for at the current price, plus a processing fee.

Library Rules for HSAS Students

  • Please cooperate with the Security Guard at the Library’s entrance.  Always show your ID card when entering. Your backpack may be inspected when entering or leaving.
  • You will be treated like an adult in this Library and are expected to behave like one. Because this is a college collection, we do not permit censorship of our materials.  Please make certain your parent or guardian understands this.
  • You are expected to behave in an adult manner.  Loud talking, inappropriate or other disruptive behavior will result in suspension of library privileges. Please have respect for other people studying.
  • As a high school student, you are not eligible to use the Group Study Rooms.
  • Cellphones are not allowed in the Library.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Library.  You may bring in water bottles.  Please use the Library Gallery on the first floor for snack breaks.
  • The computers in the Reference area, Computer Labs, Education, Fine Arts, and Periodicals should be used for homework and research purposes only.  Word processing is available in the Computer Labs and most computers in other areas.
  • Audiovisual materials, available in Fine Arts on the second floor, may be used within the Library.  Individual carrels equipped with AV equipment may be used.  Audiovisual materials cannot be borrowed.