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This guide provides an overview of literacy resources located through the Leonard Lief Library at Lehman College.

How to Search for and Find an eJournal in a Database

Type in the name of the journal in the eJournal search box, in this case Reading Teacher:

Journal Categories

Select the eJournal, e.g. Reading Teacher, from the results list:













When you click on the journal that you want, it will open in the OneSearch record. Scroll down to View Online and select the database that contains the dates that you need.

E-Journals Categories Finder

Journal Categories

You can click on the Journal Categories link above to search by journal category.

To limit to Education Categories, first, select Social Sciences from the pick list and then select Education

Here are the Education categories that you can select:

Book Studies & Arts

College and School Publication


Education, Special Topics

Educational Institutions

History of Education

Student Fraternities & Societies - U.S.

Theory & Practice of Education