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Bloomberg Lab CLOSED for the Summer: Library: Data, Excel & Reports

How to Extract Data and Reports

Excel, PDFs, and Screen Grabs

Image Exporting to ExcelInformation can be obtained from Bloomberg in the form of Excel Templates and Spreadsheets, PDF documents and screen-capture, You can type <XLTP> + <Go> and get access to over 400 Excel Templates These templates are worksheets that have customized formulas designed to query Bloomberg in real time. If you TURN-OFF BLOOMBERG without copying and pasting the data as a VALUE, then YOU WILL LOSE ANY DATA OR WORK you have done until you re-open the Excel file on a computer with a connection to Bloomberg. Any part of the terminal that allows you to export data will also allow you to do so as PDF, which is a static format, and does not need a connection to Bloomberg in order to be read. You can also export a screen using the screen grab option and email the image using the terminal's email software. 

Some Useful Commands for Research and Reports

What Is Research Portal (RES) / Research <BRC> + <Go>?
RES/BRC is your gateway to research from over 2,500 providers, including brokers, independent providers, market research firms, industry associations, and other premium content. As a single destination for research on all securities (RES) or a single security (BRC), RES/BRC provides aggregated, customizable views for research on a single screen, so you can easily access in-depth research that is important to you, including ratings changes, initiated coverage, earnings estimate revisions, and economic research. RES/BRC is integrated with the Trade Ideas (TMSG) and Bloomberg Notes (NOTE) functions, so you can see trade ideas and add notes to research for reference or sharing.
RES/BRC is divided into a control area, a research list, and a set of list resources. Your selections in the control area determine the content that appears in the research list, from which you can access research and additional functionality.
What Is Bloomberg Intelligence <BI> + <Go>?
BI provides analysis on industries, companies, and expert topics, delivering key data and interactive charting from BI analysts with an average of seventeen years of experience in their given industry. Topics include government and legal issues; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards; and credit coverage. BI offers timely analysis that leverages Bloomberg's earnings consensus, price targets, ratings, and estimates products, and compiles extensive data across industries into one platform, so you can gain deeper insight into an industry or topic. BI allows you to download data, so you can create your own models and analysis.
BI is organized into two primary screens: the directory landing screen, which displays the hierarchy of research and analysis available in BI, and dashboards, which allow you to analyze an industry or topic and its key constituents.

Research Portal

Bloomberg Research Reports Page