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Bloomberg Terminal Summer 2022 Guide: Lief Library: Getting Started

Where to start

Bloomberg Terminal: Company Information


Where to start?


There are many places to start in Bloomberg. The library suggests that you complete the Bloomberg Essentials Online Training, which will help you understand the core functionality of the terminal. If you are a new to Bloomberg, please plan for allocating several hours to learn how to use the Terminal. Instruction guidebooks are available for in library use, available at the Reserve Desk.  In addition, you may make an appointment with the Business Librarian during designated Bloomberg Research periods.  Check the Library's Bloomberg Reservation link for times.

What is Bloomberg Professional Service Resource Center?

What Is Bloomberg Professional Service Resource Center ?

Bloomberg Resource Center Main Page Screen ShotBPS provides access to marketing materials that help you learn more about the functionality available in the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

The Bloomberg Professional Service Resource Center screen is a toolbar from which you can search, share, and filter materials on how to use the Bloomberg. You can access documents and videos in a navigation sidebar. To access the Bloomberg Professional Service Resource Center type <BPS> + <GO>. The cheat sheets posted here were taken from the Bloomberg

Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets