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Library Resources for Distance Learning - Videos

Library resources can be accessed remotely via the Leonard Lief Library website - here are videos showing you how.

Free Access - New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Transcript – Free Access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal:

Hi Everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at Lehman College and I want to tell you that you have access to the NYT and the WSJ as long a you’re a registered Lehman College-CUNY student. So, let me show you how to that. We’ll go on to Google and type in Lehman College. Click on that first Lehman College link. On the Lehman College website, you’re going to scroll to the top and click on where it says Library. That will bring us to the library webpage/website and here you’re going to click on where it says Student Help. Under Student Help, scroll down to where it says “Free Access To The New York Times” and “Free Access To The Wall Street Journal.” Click on Free Access to The New York Times. Click on Go to and register for your account. Once you finish with that, then go to Free Access To The Wall Street Journal, click on Go to and then create your account. Once you create your accounts, you can go to your Play Store or wherever you download your apps and download the NYT app and WSJ app and sign in with the Sign In that you created on those links. And that’s it. I hope that helps. I hope you enjoy the news and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

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