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Library Resources for Distance Learning - Videos

Library resources can be accessed remotely via the Leonard Lief Library website - here are videos showing you how.

eBooks - Using OneSearch

Transcript – Find eBooks Using OneSearch:

Hi Everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at Lehman College and I want to talk to you about eBooks or electronic books. The library has many databases, a few databases, on eBooks and we have thousands of ebooks available for you. So I want to just go walk through how you can get access to these ebooks. We’ll go to the Lehman College site first and we do that by typing Lehman College in Google. We’ll click on the Lehman College link and then we get to the website. On the website you can scroll to the top and click on Library. This brings us to the library website where we can search for books in OneSearch which is the first tab that’s highlighted. So in OneSearch we’ll enter some terms. We can enter anything. We have topics on Arts, Biography, Critiques, Education, Entertainment, History, Law, Novels, Poems, Religion, all those things. So let’s say we’re looking for something on, let’s say “Distance Learning.” Ok, we’ll type in “Distance Learning” and you can enter or click on Search. Wait a few seconds for the results. And you’ll see it has distance learning as the terms that it’s looking for and with the terms, distance learning, there are over one million results. Those are a lot of results. So what we can do is to Limit or Filter the results for specific ebooks on distance learning. So you would do that by scrolling, by moving to the right to “Filter my results”, scroll down and you can keep scrolling down to “Resource Type.” In Resource Type, we’re going to click on “Books.” So the results narrowed down to 13,251 results. Now whenever you see something, the first one says Book and it says Full text available that’s a book that is usually an electronic book. In the second book you’ll see ikt says Available at Lehman College Education with the call number LC 5800.M66 1997 that’s a physical book that you would have to get at the library. But right now we’re focusing on electronic Books. So you can click on the first one. It says “Education in Prison: Studying Through Distance Learning. Let’s click on Full text because that usually takes us to, directly to the book. Ok so this is telling me that I have to enter my barcode which is an issue we all have to enter. So I’m going to enter my barcode and Log in. And hopefully it will recognize me and it does. So it goes directly into the eBook Academic Collection (database) and here is the title of the book, “Education in Prison: Studying Through Distance Learning”, it has the author (Emma Hughes) and a description of the book. So you can scroll down and you can look at the Table of Contents and click on a specific link (chapter), so “Motivations for Education in Prison” you’re interested in that chapter, you can click on it. You could also, when you scroll back up to the top, on the left, you can download the Full Text, so let’s do that. I’m going to click on PDF Full Text. Give it a few seconds to download the book and that way we can see it in another way. So here we have the ebook and you can just keep scrolling until you get to the first page. If you see some empty pages just keep going. Ok, Emma Hughes (is the author), Routledge is the publisher, published in 2012, the first time and the most recent publication is 2016 and we can keep scrolling down and you can see the different chapters so you can go directly to that page 83. You can also enter page numbers in this box here. So I’m going to type in 83 and enter and it goes to Chapter 4 - Experiences of Education: Coping with Prison and Changes in Self-perception. Ok this is the chapter. You can also go to the chapter on the left by clicking on the link so let’s click on Chapter 5 and it will also lead us there. So that’s one way to find ebooks using OneSearch. I hope that was helpful for your initial search for resources and eBooks. So thank you and I'll see you soon.

eBooks - Find in a Database

Parts of a Book to Cite

‚ÄčTranscript: Parts of a Book to Cite

Hi everyone my name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at Lehman College. And what I want to talk to you about is what you need to cite. What are the elements of a book to cite in whichever format that you are using, MLA, APA, ASA. What are the elements for a book citation? So I’d like to show you what they are. So for parts of a print book you’ll need (1) the title, (2) the author or authors (or editors), (3) the publication year/the year it was published, (4) the publisher, and (5) the city of publication. Those are usually the five elements that you need to cite a book.

So I have this book at home and let’s say you’re citing any book, the information you’ll need is usually on the front cover and in the first few pages of the book, to cite it. So on the front cover of this book it gives you the title, “How to Use the Library: A Reference and Assignment Guide for Students,” that’s the title. You’ll need the author’s names and you’ll see it has Frank Farro and Nolan Lushington - those are the two authors of this book. Now we need to get the publisher name and that’s usually going to be on the inside. So you’ll see the first page is blank. You go on to the next page, it’s just the title again and here we go, we’re on the title page. So it gives us the whole title, it gives us the authors again, and in the bottom, you’ll see it says Greenwood Press. Anything that ends with “Press” that’s usually the publisher of the book. So, the publisher name is Greenwood Press and the city it’s located in is Westport, Connecticut. It also says London, but what you’ll do is that whenever you get a series, of it gives you a list of cities, choose the first city, so it’s going to be Westport. So, Greenwood Press is the publisher, Westport is the city that you’ll need. Now to get the year it was published you’ll go to the next page. This is really tiny print. This is the Copyright page and it’s really tiny, I don’t know if you can see it. It says Copyright © 1998 - so that was when this was published, in 1998. And that’s it. That’s what you need to cite a book. Title, Author(s), the Publisher, the City it was Published in, and the Year it was Published. If you see a bunch of years on the copyright, choose the most recent year that you see next to copyright. So, I hope that helps, thank you for listening and I’ll see you soon. Bye.