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Library Resources for Distance Learning - Videos

Library resources can be accessed remotely via the Leonard Lief Library website - here are videos showing you how.

Find a Journal Article with a Citation

How to Contact a Librarian

How to Find an Article

How To Take Out an Electronic Book

Research Guides - A Place to Begin Your Research by Discipline

YouTube Playlist

The Library Website

Transcript – Library Website at Lehman College:

Hello Everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at the Leonard Lief Library at Lehman College and what I want to show you right now is how to get to the Lehman College Library Website. When you’re on Google type in Lehman College. Enter. And once the results pop up, you’re going to click on the Lehman College link. You’ll get on the Lehman College website and on the top you’ll see these tabs, and you’ll click on the Library tab, which brings you to the library website where you can start all of your research. Thank you and I’ll see you soon. Bye.

Email and Lehman Login

Transcript – Your Email and Lehman Login:

Hi Everyone, my name is Rebecca and I’m a Reference Librarian at Lehman College and I want to tell you that you a Lehman College email address. If you are a registered student at Lehman you get an automatic email address and I want to show you where to get that. So let’s go to Google. So on Google type in Lehman College. On the first link, click there, Lehman College. That will bring you to the Lehman College website and what I’d like you to do is to click on the top where it says Quick Links. That will bring you to this list of Quick Links and you’ll scroll down to the IT Help Desk link and click on that. On the IT Help Desk, you’ll get to the main page and I’d like you to scroll down and click on where it says IT Help Desk FAQs and Knowledgebase page. Once here you’ll see a list of all the Frequently Asked Questions FAQs that are asked of IT. And I’d like to go to the first one, “What is my email address?” Once you click on there it’ll tell you that a student email address consists of your That’s your email address, your To access your email, scroll down and click on where it says – click on that link. It’ll bring you to the Office 365 login. Click on Office 365 and here you’ll enter your email - your You click next and it will ask you for your password. If you don’t know what your password is go back to the Frequently Asked Questions list, scroll down to where it says, “What is my Lehman Login username and password?” Here it will tell you what your Lehman Login is, it’s your “firstname.lastname” and your default password is the first initial of your first and last name capitalized followed by the four digit year you were born, two digit month of birth and 4th and 5th digits of your EMPLID (those are the two middle numbers of your EMPLID. That’s your initial password. I hope this helps and I’ll see you soon. Bye.