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Practice Worksheet

Click on the Library Worksheet-Word linked below; it will open in Microsoft Word. 

Click on "Enable Editing" at the top of the Word document in order to type in the form.  If you prefer, you can print out the blank worksheet (Library Worksheet -Word or Library Worksheet-PDF) and fill it in manually. 

Answer the questions on this worksheet after watching the videos below.  The EBSCOhost Advanced Searching video demonstrates searches conducted using the EBSCOhost search platform incorporating all the techniques in the other videos.

Finding Academic Articles

Lehman Library
Academic Journal? Scholarly Article? Article Database? Confused? Why wouldn't you be?  This presentation will sort out the difference between articles, journals, and databases.

What Are Keywords And Why Are They Important

University of Houston Libraries Oct. 29, 2020


Lehman College Leonard Lief Library  Mar. 22, 2018
Searching Databases with Keywords (3:14)

Boolean Operators: How to Connect Keywords in a Search

Lexi Spry, UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies
Do you want to decrease your time spent searching online? You can improve your searching abilities by using an easy tool called "Boolean Operators." (3:02)

Boolean Operators

McMaster Libraries, 2016, Nov. 28, creative commons license  - reuse allowed
How Library Stuff Works: Boolean Operators (AND OR NOT)

More Boolean

McMaster Libraries, 2016, Nov. 28, creative commons license, reuse allowed.
How Library Stuff Works: Boolean Modifiers "", *, ( )

EBSCOhost Advanced Searching

Advanced Searching (19:52)