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Social Work

Field of Practice Assignment - Resources Available on Social Work Research Guide

1) Books - Book Search
--- Follow steps provided to search OneSearch's Advanced Search to find electronic books for Social Work fields of practice

--- See Searching Tips on the right-side of the page for instructions for searching for books by Subject.  A list of Subject Terms for common subjects in Social Work are provided as a starting point.

2) Encyclopedia of Social Work - Published by the National Association of Social Workers Press (NASW) and Oxford University Press.  This resource provides information on fields of practice, policy issues, and important people in the field of Social Work.
a) The Encyclopedia is available in print and electronically at Reference - Print & E-Books or Databases
b) Select the link for the Encyclopedia
c) Enter your CUNY Login Credentials to access the Encyclopedia
d) Once CUNY Login credentials are validated, the Encyclopedia will open

3) Journal Articles - to find scholarly journal articles on Social Work fields of practice
a) Click Databases; go to the Top Social Work Databases box
--- Here you will find links for Databases that contain journals in the field of social work, sociology, and other areas in the social sciences.
---Start your search for articles with the SocIndex Database
--- Enter the Field of Practice in the search box and press Search
Fields of Practice is the field you selected and your professor approved from your textbook, Urban Social Work.  These are also the Subject Terms listed on Book Search

4) Social Service Agencies - Find Social Service Agencies
--- Page provides detailed instructions and a PDF with steps for searching HITE (Health Information Tool for Empowerment), an online searchable directory of over 6,000 health and social service organizations in New York City, Long Island and Westchester.
--- The HITE website, maintained by the Greater New York Hospital Association, allows you to search by Keyword / Field of Practice, ex. Senior services; Veterans' services, Youth & Family services, etc. or Browse by Category - Social Supports & Services   You can limit searches by Age, Population, Conditions or Language Spoken.  You also have the option to limit to Zip Code and Distance you are willing to travel.