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Library Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

The Library Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion series was created to actively promote diversity and inclusion.

Faculty Research on Diversity

Lehner-Quam, A., West, R. K., & Espinosa, C. M. (2020.) Developing and teaching with a diverse children’s literature collection at an urban public college: What teacher education students know and ways their knowledge can grow about diverse books, Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian, DOI: 10.1080/01639269.2017.1775762 

Espinosa, C. M. & Lehner-Quam, A. (2019). Sustaining bilingualism: Multimodal arts experiences for young readers and writers. Language Arts 96(4), 265-268.


Diversity at Lehman College



Top 10 Native Languages Among Fall 2019 Lehman College Undergraduates, Excluding English:

[Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Data Analytics, Herbert H. Lehman College, CUNY. October 8, 2020.  Request from the Leonard Lief Library.]

Native Language history links from and

1 SPANISH 1,907 68%
2 BENGALI 111 4%
3 FRENCH 82 3%
4 TWI-FANTE 63 2%
5 ALBANIAN 56 2%
6 AKAN 44 2%
7 ARABIC 43 2%
8 URDU 38 1%
9 CREOLE 34 1%