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Library Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

The Library Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion series was created to actively promote diversity and inclusion.

Discussion Protocols

The Library is committed to providing a safe environment conducive to respectful conversations and reflective views on topics.

  • Respectful Listener - listen with attention and resist the urge to interrupt.
  • Equity - everyone gets a chance to speak before you speak again.
  • Safe Space - speak your truth from the heart without fear and respect the truths of others.
  • Privacy - what is shared is private--and only for the members of this conversation. It should not be shared outside of the conversation.
  • Experience - the quality of the experience of a meeting is a shared responsibility. Tend to the well-being of the group, rather than on any personal agenda, focus on the what’s relevant to the conversation.

Discussion Questions to Consider

  • Did you learn anything new from the film and or text?
  • Point to a specific passage that struck you and explain why.
  • What is the central idea or premise of the text/film?
  • How do the film and the text relate to each other?