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Human Library® at Lehman College | unjudge someone

The Human Library brings together the Lehman College Community to enhance experiences of diversity and inclusion. Students share their own stories of inspiration and resilience to break down barriers of stigma, bias, and misunderstanding. Unjudge someone

Register - Human Library® NYC | Sun, April 18, 2021 | 2pm-4pm | ZOOM

Leonard Lief Library - Lehman College is partnering with The Human Library NYC Depot for its second public event via Zoom.


Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021

Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM

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Zoom Chat From Readers

January 24, 2021, Human Library NYC event:

"Thanks so much! This was an amazing and uplifting experience!"

"Kudos to all! A wonderful experience."

"Fantastic idea. Fantastic event. We need more!"

"This was an amazing experience. I was speechless for maybe the first time ever. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to attending a lot more Human Library experiences." 

"Comfortable and enlightening." 

"I CAN’T wait for the future books! Amazing stories and people. My heart is full! Thank you ALL!!!!"

"Mind expanding and very moving."

"Love the idea of this even more now!   A great experience!!"

"This has been amazing!  I have loved being a reader today!  Met two great people in our room and then met two amazing books!  Thank you so very much!"

"Safe asking. Wonderful experience. Good conversation."

"Wish the reading time were longer.  I enjoyed it immensely."

"It was my first time at a human library, and it was pretty astonishing and a unique experience for me."

"Brilliant event, really interesting stories and a shame we couldn’t read more. Grateful for their openness but still a bit wary about asking some really probing questions."

"This was very insightful! My first time and I am excited for more."

"Humbled and touched my heart.  

"Courageous humans, so proud to have met both! 

"As a queer person with depression in the UK, it was really interesting to hear the different experiences of others with similar 'titles' in the US.

"I learned a lot through this unique format - thanks to all for organizing! I was surprised to be reading with readers from many different countries and to have a book from outside the USA also. All within my studio here in CT. Sitting and reading with an international group was a bonus."

"I am from the USA and my co-readers were from Britain and South Cape Africa. The world is richer because of your work with the Human Library.  

"Thank you so much.  I’m a lifetime ‘reader’ now! It was wonderful! Readers from four continents in one group and two books with stories that made me think a lot, magical." 

"Yes, it felt very safe to ask questions and share.  I liked the fact that our books were randomly selected."  

"Thank you to all the books, it as both interesting and emotional."

"This has been a wonderful program. I was very impressed with how organized the program was and how comfortable the books and readers were with communicating ideas. Thank you very much!"

"It was my first time to join. I felt safe to ask questions."

"I like that the books were chosen for us! It added more excitement!" 

"Time doesn’t go any faster than when being in the library. Thanks to all for opening up new windows into our world."

"Great way to meet people with diverse experiences, and in a comfortable setting to ask questions and learn more. Books were lovely!"

"Thank you for organizing this opportunity/event! Thank you so much for this experience, and for the writers sharing their stories. Very inspirational, how open and emotional."

"It would have been nice to have the list of questions that it is mentioned is shared in a live session." 

"Zoom is the Gutenberg of the Human Library!"

"Good atmosphere and total honesty as usual."

"It is a very personal and visceral experience having such small chat rooms with each book."

"I found I related to both books. Both books were open and warm, and interesting to me."

"I would definitely recommend them to other reader and potential readers."