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Lehman Library Zine LibGuide: Getting Started

Lehman Library Zines

The Leonard Lief Library Zine Collection consists of zines that reflect life in the Bronx - as well as student interests and the College curriculum.  The collection is comprised of do-it-yourself donated zines from the  campus - as well as purchased titles from various distros [vendors].  The collection offers current and future researchers a unique perspective on the diversity, culture, and social fabric of the Bronx.

 *Photo of Lehman's Zine Collection

Guidelines of the collection [adapted from Brooklyn College’s Zine Collection Policy]:

  • Print only-formatted Zines

    Zines connected to the Bronx or that support the College’s programs and curriculum

  • Zines made by Lehman College students will be accepted with oversight by the Head of Technical Services

  • Zines about zines, zine-making, and zine culture

  • Zines by people of color or that consider issues of diversity, race, culture, and identity

Two copies of every issue will be submitted:  one non-circulating but available for browsing and accessible during Library hours - and a second copy deposited in Special Collections.

Your Zine Tool Kit

Submitt Your Zine!

Be part of the Lehman College Experience!

  • Print only
  • Zines that are connected to the Bronx and/or which support the interests/curriculum of the students and faculty at Lehman College (i.e. by genre/subject – Women’s Studies, History, etc.)
  • Zines made by Lehman College students or alumni–any zine made by our students or alumni will be accepted into the collection (regardless of where it was created or any connections to the Bronx).
  • Zines about zines, zine-making and zine culture.
  • Zines by People of Color, and/or that discuss issues of race, culture, and identity.

We'll put them in our catalog and make them available for folks to read. Share your art / ideas / personal reflections / comics!

About Zines

                                       * Photo from GoMagazine

What's a zine?
Zines are small, self-published magazines that are usually [though not always] written by one person and distributed through an intricate network of individuals and collectives. … Zines can be about diversity, creativity, innovation, and expression.” [i]

Why make a zine?

1. Because it's an inexpensive way to create and express what you have to say!Because it's one way of sharing and building a community.
2. Because zines can influence and engage people into having a conversation
3. Zines can showcase multiple perspectives of diversity
​4. Because zines can act as a form of social justice and activism

[i]Bartel, J. [2004].From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library. Chicago: American Library


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