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Market Research Guide

Video and PowerPoint tutorials on databases for market research. Web resources and books on market research are also recommended.

Web Resources in Market Research

Professional Organizations

American Association for Public Opinion Research: Professional association in public opinion and survey research.

American Marketing Association: Professional association for the practice, teaching and development of marketing knowledge in the United States.

Association for Consumer Research: Professional association that promotes research into consumer attitudes and actions and encourages its dissemination among academia, business, and government.

Direct Marketing Association: Professional association focused on direct, database, and interactive marketing.

European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research: European professional association to promote marketing, social, and opinion research.

Marketing Research Association: Professional association in market research.

Market Research Society: Professional association that claims to be the world’s leading research society.

Educational Websites

Free Management Library: A tutorial on how to conduct market research. Website on marketing created by a professor at West Chester University (Pa.)

Marketing Degree: Online resources to educate marketers.

MarketingProfs: Resources to educate marketing professionals.

Marketing Science Institute: A nonprofit, membership-based organization focused on putting academic marketing theory into practice.

MLM Watch: A website that examines multilevel marketing critically.

StatPac: A tutorial on designing surveys.

Media on Marketing

Advertising Age American Demographics: News and analysis on the American people for the marketing and media community from a leading advertising publication.

Adweek: Leading trade publication of the advertising industry.

ClickZ: News and advice on marketing, particularly interactive marketing.    

Emarketer: Articles on marketing in electronic media. 

Quirks Marketing Research Media: Articles, discussion groups, blogs, and other resources in market research.

Other Commercial Websites

Brandchannel: Resources on branding from Interbrand, a division of the marketing communication firm Omnicom.

Marketing Sherpa: Free articles, videos, webinars, blogs, and other publications from a market research firm. 

Market Research World: Website maintained by the UK market research consultancy DJS Research Ltd.

National Retail Federation: Marketing-focused website of a leading trade association of the retail industry.

World Advertising Research Center: Online resources to improve advertising effectiveness from a communications firm.

U.S. Government

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Part of the U.S. Department of Labor, the primary Federal agency responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data on labor markets and other elements of the U.S. economy.  Includes information and publications on prices, wages, spending, time use, employment, productivity, demographics, and industry characteristics. A repository of Federal, state, and local government information managed by the U.S. General Services Administration.

United States Census Bureau: The agency of the U.S. Commerce Department that conducts censuses and surveys, such as the American Community Survey, the American Housing Survey, the U.S. Economic Census, and the Current Population Survey, to gather demographic data.

International Demographic Data International demographic data.

UN Data: a portal for the databases of various agencies of the United Nations in demographics, economics, health, education, and other subjects.

Academic/Commercial Customer Surveys 

American Customer Satisfaction Index: A national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States, produced by the University of Michigan Business School, the American Society for Quality, and a private market research firm.

Surveys of Consumers: Produced by the University of Michigan and the media firm Thomson Reuters.

Social Media on Marketing

Seth Godin: A leading marketing blog.