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English 120 Workshop: Reflection

CSI Answers

Evidence Collection: goals are to reconstruct the crime, identify the person who did it, preserve evidence for analysis, collect evidence to make it stand up in court


Reflection – taking time to think about the answers to these questions.

Research & Reflection: (Reading and reflection) Using the Library's databases will help answer your questions more specifically.

Databases for Topics

For certain topics you may want to find certain sources of information.

Reference Sources: include encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, handbooks (Database: Gale Virtual Reference Library)

Articles in Newspapers and/or Magazines: these are articles that are poular in nature. Direct, clear, easy to understand sources written for the general public (Databases: Readers Guide Full Text or Custom Newspapers).

Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly, Refereed) Articles from Journals: in other situations you may need very detailed, expert analysis of a subject. Articles of this sort are typically scholarly in nature. (Database: Academic Search Complete)

Subject Guide

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