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English 120 Workshop: Articles

Peer Review, Scholarly, Refereed Articles

Peer Review:

The process by which an academic journal passes a paper submitted for publication to independent experts (professionals) for comments on its suitability and worth; refereeing.


Pertaining to, or characterizing, a scholar; befitting, or natural to, a scholar; learned, erudite.


Of a scientific or other academic work: that is or has been examined by an expert in order to assess its suitability for publication. Also (of an academic journal): that requires submitted articles to be assessed by an expert before they are accepted for publication.

(Definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary)


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Article Citation

Q. What is a Citation?

A. A citation is a reference to a work.

Q. Why do I need to cite works in my assignment?

A. You need to cite a work to attribute a quote, idea or any information retrieved from the original author or creator.

Q. What does an article citation include?

A. An article citation includes:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Journal Name/Source
  • Date of Publication
  • Volume
  • Issue
  • Pages

Citing Your Work