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English 120 Workshop: CSI

Crime Scene Investigation

Scene Recognition: Initial walk-through (Orientation)

Scene Documentation: Create a visual record (Analysis)

Finding the Evidence: Find, collect, preserve evidence (Questioning)

Evidence Collection: Goals are to reconstruct the crime, identify the person who did it, preserve evidence for analysis, collect evidence to make it stand up in court (Reflection)

Analyzing the Evidence: Proving the evidence collected and methods used to recover evidence was legal and untainted, testifying in court (Synthesis)

Research Process

Beginning the inquiry process: What's the big picture?

Analysis: Breaking your topic or subject matter into parts

Questioning: Ask questions about those parts. By asking questions, you determine what additional information you need and what kind of information it should be.

Research & Reflection: (Reading and reflection) Using the Library's databases will help answer your questions more specifically.

Organizing/Synthesizing: (writing/articulating)


Research process is a process of inquiry.

Research can be understood as a process of going from a vague understanding of a topic or question, to a more detailed and complete understanding.