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Library of Congress Classification

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Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

  • BL 71.5-73 Biography
  • BM 750-755 Biography
  • BP 70-80 Biography-Islam
  • BP 75-77.75 Muhammad, Prophet, d. 632
  • BQ 840-999 Biography-Buddhism
  • BQ 840-858 Collective
  • BQ 860-999 Individual
  • BQ 860-939 Gautama Buddha

Auxiliary Sciences of History

  • CD 997 Biography of archivists
  • CT 21-9999 Biography
  • CT 21-22 Biography as an art or literary form
  • CT 31-83 History of biographical literature. Lives of biographers
  • CT 93-206 General collective biography
  • CT 206 Portraits
  • CT 210-3150 National biography
  • CT 3200-9999 Biography. By subject
  • CT 3200-3830 Biography of women (Collective)

History of Americas

  • E 176-176.8 Biography
  • E 185.96-185.98  Biography. Genealogy
  • E 302.5-302.6 Biography (Late eighteenth century)
  • E 339-340 Biography
  • E 415.8-415.9 Biography
  • E 663-664 Biography
  • E 747-748 Biography
  • E 840.6-840.8 Biography (General)

Political Science

  • JA 92 Collective biography of political scientists


  • K 170 Biography
  • KB 122 Biography (Collective)
  • KBP 70-75.4 Biography
  • KBR 122-124- Collective biography of canonists or jurists


  • LA 2301-2396 Biography

Music and Books on Music

  • ML 385-429 Biography

Fine Arts

  • NB 60-1115 History: Including collective biography
  • NC 1-45 General: Including collective biography

Language and Literature

  • PN 451-497 Biography
  • PS 126-138 Biography, memoirs, letters, etc.
  • PT (2044)-2239 Biography and criticism

Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)

  • Z 1003.8 - Z 1004 Biography of bibliographers

Stacks Directory

Call Number Location
A, B, C, D 2nd Floor (South)
E, F 2nd Floor (North)
G, GV, H, J  3rd Floor (North)
K 3rd Floor (South - East)
3rd Floor (South) (Education)
ML1 – MT1375 2nd Floor (North)
N 2nd Floor (North)
3rd Floor (North)
Q, R, S, T, U, V 3rd Floor (South)
3rd Floor (South - East)
Atlases  (G - QA) Technical Services
2nd Floor 
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Education & Juvenile
Books & Periodicals
3rd Floor (South-West)
Govt. Docs. Periodicals Room 
Concourse Level (North)
(ask at Circulation Desk)
Leisure Reading Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Microfilm Periodicals 
Concourse Level (North)
Music Scores (M1-M2198),
Audio CDs
Technical Services
2nd Floor 
(ask at Circulation Desk)
(Except Education)
Concourse Level (North & South)
Ready Reference Reference
Concourse Level (South)
Reference Books
(Except Education & M's)
Concourse Level (South)
Reserve Books Reserve
Concourse Level (South)
Special Collections Room 230
2nd Floor (North)
Video (DVD & VHS) Reserve
Concourse Level (South)

Book Locations

Stacks See "Stacks Directory," below
Education Books & Periodicals 3rd Floor South - West
(except Education)
1st Floor South
Ready Reference
1st Floor; ask librarian
Quick Reference
1st Floor South
Government Documents 1st Floor; ask librarian
Music Scores,
Audio and Video
2nd Floor (Fine Arts)
(Except Education)
Concourse Level
Reserve 1st Floor (Reserve Desk)
Special Collections 2nd Floor North (rm 230)

Stacks Directory

A, B, C, D

2nd Floor South
E, F 2nd Floor North
G, GV, H, J 3rd Floor North
K 3rd Floor South - East
L 3rd Floor South (Education)
M1 – M2198 2nd Floor North (Fine Arts)
ML1 – MT1375 2nd Floor North
N 2nd Floor North
P 3rd Floor North
Q, R, S, T, U, V 3rd Floor South - East
Z 2nd Floor North