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Find primary and secondary resources on people including books, articles, documentaries, videos and web resources.


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When You Don't Know Who...

When you don't know who you want to research:

* Browse for Books

* Use a Print Source like an Index which compiles names of people by topic

* Search for a Government Official in a Government Resource

* Search in the New York Public Library database "Biography in Context" [You'll need a New York Public Library Card to gain access off-campus.]

When You Know Who...

When you know who you will be researching:

* For a book-use a Subject search in the catalog. Write the last name first, then first name to find the person's biography.

* For an article, in a database-type the person's name.

* Search for a Government Official in a Government Resource

Find Book-Search by SUBJECT

When using the Catalog: 

Search by SUBJECT.  Type the last name first, then first name.


Find a Book-Search by KEYWORD

Search by Keyword

2- Search by KEYWORD.  In a "Keyword" use an * (asterisk) to search for other forms of a word.



For example: biograph* will retrieve books with the words biography, biographies, or biographical.

Try searching with:

biograph* presidents
biograph* hispanic*
biograph* scientist*
biograph* women
biograph* women athlete*
biograph* entrepreneur*




[From the Cal Poly Pomona Library-Biography Guide]