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Counselor Education - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Welcome to the Counselor Education Video Tutorial

Hello students in the Counselor Education degree programs.

The videos and activities below have been created to help you be able to identify appropriate databases and search techniques to search for articles on your topic. You will also learn how to sign up for an Illiad (Interlibrary Loan) account so you can request articles not available in our databases. As Lehman students you should be able to access the articles you need without paying a fee.

Good luck with your research. Feel free to email me ( with any questions.

With warm regards,

Alison Lehner-Quam

Education Librarian

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with your Research

The handouts below can be helpful planning documents for you as you plan your search. Use the Inquiry Wheel handout to develop your topic further and to brainstorm components of your search.

Use the Search Planning handout to plan your key words and search strategies.

Watch the Inquiry Process video for background information on the iterative nature of research.

Watch the "Searching Databases with Keywords" video and then use the "Planning Your Search" document to map out your search.