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Latin American and Latino Studies

This guide contains resources to support research in Latin American and Latino Studies

Recommended Databases

Library databases are collections of sources that you can search to find scholarly articles and other types of sources. Some databases focus on specific disciplines, while others are more general or multidisciplinary.

Because Latin American and Latino Studies is a multidisciplinary area, where you search will depend on the focus of your research. Below are some suggestions of databases where you can find information on topics related to Latin American and Latino Studies.

Latin America-focused Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

While not focused on Latin America, you can find information relevant to Latin American and Latino Studies in these databases.

Search Tips for Finding Information

Tip # 1: Know Where to Search

Which database you use will depend on your topic and the type of source you need. In addition to using the recommended databases above, you can also browse the library's list of databases by subject or discipline as shown in the screenshot below:

Screenshot showing how to filter databases by subject


Note: To know what types of sources a database includes, hover your cursor over the name of a database in the A-Z list so you can read a description of its content.

Tip # 2: Narrow Your Topic

Before you start searching in a database you need to have somewhat narrowed down your topic. Watch the video below by our colleagues at Hostos Community College Library to get a sense of how to go from a broad to a narrow topic.

Tip # 3: Use Keywords

Unlike Google, the databases search function does not understand complete questions. For this reason, once you have a topic, research question or thesis statement, you need to translate it into keywords the database search system can understand. Watch the video below for some help on how to come up with keywords.