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Organizational Leadership

Welcome to the MSOL Research Literature Review Tutorial

Hello students in the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree program. Sending you all good wishes.

The videos and activities below have been created to help you be able to identify appropriate databases and search techniques to search for articles on your topic. You will also learn how to sign up for an Illiad (Inter Library Loan) account so you can request articles not available in our databases. As Lehman students you should be able to access the articles you need without paying a fee.

Good luck with your research. Feel free to email me ( with any questions.

With warm regards,

Alison Lehner-Quam

Education Librarian.

MSOL Research Literature Review Tutorial

Use the "Planning Your Search" document to map out your search using keywords. As you plan out your Advanced Search on paper using the three search boxes and the AND and OR operators, remember to keep your search terms simple and to place one idea in each box.


Watch the "Selecting and Accessing Databases for Your MSOL Literature Review" video below for information on how to find and access library resources, such as databases, ebooks, and journals, as well as how to access the MSOL Research Guide for a comprehensive list of helpful databases.


Now that you have logged into the Education Source database, watch "Searching the Education Source Database" for database searching information on how to find articles on barriers to change and best practices related to an issue in higher education, student retention. You will also learn how to email yourself an article in pdf format with an APA citation embedded in the email.

Now use the search plan to conduct your own search of selected journals in a database related to your problem statement and action research. If you have any questions about database choice or searching, you can log into the 24/7 chat service or email Lehman Education Librarian Alison Lehner-Quam (

A good place to get started finding articles about organizational theories is to use a reference book. The video below, "Using Reference Resources to Research Organizational Theories" shows you how to access the Encyclopedia of Organizational Theory eBook, to find articles within the Encyclopedia, and to find references from the articles using OneSearch, the library discovery tool.

Search Strategies

This document provides information on using AND and OR to improve your search. It also provides tips on phrase searching using quotation marks.

Additional Resources

This video demonstrates "Finding the 24-7 Chat Service and How to Sign up for an Interlibrary Loan Account" using the Iliad system.

To see the full screen version of the video click on the box symbol at the bottom of the video.

The video below, "Searching Databases with Keywords" is part of the Lehman College Online Information Literacy modules. I've posted it here in case you would like a refresher on using keywords.