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LEH 100 | LEH 102

Brainstorming Activity

What do you do on the Web?

  • What sites do you visit?
  • What do you do on each site? (e.g., watch movies, talk to friends)
  • How long do you stay on each site?
  • Do you read each site, or skim? Look at the pictures? Read only new stuff?

Have you heard of the Open Web?

  • This is what's free on the Web
  • Also, what Google and other search engines can "crawl" (recognize, index, and display)

Have you heard of the Hidden or Deep Web?

  • These are sites or collections of information that can't be crawled by Google
  • Often, these are sites that need to be paid for, logged into, or accessed in a special way
  • Your tech fee money pays for 130 Deep Web sites that are vital to your research. These are called databases.