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LEH 100


Welcome, LEH100 Students, to your first of 3 library visits. You'll be coming back in ENG111 and ENG121 to build on what you learn today.

Today, we hope you'll leave this workshop thinking about:

  • All the resources the library offers you (study spaces, laptops, printing, books, databases and more)
  • How you can find books and articles through the Library website
  • The difference between materials you can find through Google and those only found in Library Databases

Freshman Year Initiative Library Workshops

You'll be back in English 111 to learn about

  • Evaluating information sources (like websites)
  • How to find authoritative sources for journal articles and information on the web
  • What is "fake news" and how to identify it

And you'll be back in English 121 to learn about

  • The research process and what it means to be a college-level researcher