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Gerontology: Books

Areas of the Stacks With Gerontology Books

The vast majority of gerontology books are located in the following areas:

HQ 1060-1064 Gerontology

RC  952-954 Geriatrics

Other books on gerontology can be found at:

HV 1450-1494 Social Work with Older Adults

QH 529 Biology (Aging)

QH 608 Cells (Aging)

QP 85-86 Physiology (Aging)

RA 564.8 Public Health (Aging)

RA 997-999 Nursing Homes

RC 451.4 Psychology (Aged)

RC 451.5 .A5 Neurosciences (Aged)

RD 732.3 .A44 Orthopedic Surgery (Aged)

RE 48.2 .A5 Diseases of the Eye (Aged)

RF 291.5 .A35 Audiology (Aged)


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Bibliography for Course SWK 686, Social Work Practice with Older Adults, Professor Patricia Kolb

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E-Books on Gerontology

Click on these links to find e-Books on gerontology available from ebrary and Ebsco.

Books in Leonard Lief Library on Gerontology

Following are recommended books on gerontology available at Leonard Lief Library and widely held within the CUNY library system:

HQ1061 .K643 2014 Understanding aging and diversity : theories and concepts / Patricia J. Kolb

HQ1061 .H336 2011 .Handbook of aging and the social sciences / editors, Robert H. Binstock and Linda K. George ; associate editors, Stephen J. Cutler, Jon Hendricks, and James H. Schulz

HQ1061 .W48 2011 Adult development and aging : biopsychosocial perspectives / Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Stacey B. Whitbourne.

HQ1064 .U5 S265 2009 Gray Panthers [electronic resource] / Roger Sanjek.

HQ1061 .H583 2008 Social gerontology : a multidisciplinary perspective / Nancy R. Hooyman, H. Asuman Kiyak.

HQ1064 .U5 G378 2003 Aging and ethnicity : knowledge and services / Donald E. Gelfand.

HQ1064 .U5 M665 2002 Aging : concepts and controversies / Harry R. Moody.

HQ1064 .U6 N48 2002 Project 2015 : State agencies prepare for the impact of an aging New York, white paper for discussion / New York State Office for the Aging.

HQ1064 .U5 A63327 2001 Age through ethnic lenses : caring for the elderly in a multicultural society / edited by Laura Katz Olson.

HQ1061 .S835 2000 Worlds of difference : inequality in the aging experience / Eleanor Palo Stoller, Rose Campbell Gibson.

HQ 1064 .U5 A63398 2000 Aging in America / edited by Olivia J. Smith.

HQ1064 .U6 N463 2000 Growing old in El Barrio / Judith Noemí Freidenberg.

Lehman Books on Geriatrics

RC954 .G465 2012 Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice / Marie Boltz ... [et al.], editors.

RC954 .E53 2008 The encyclopedia of elder care : the comprehensive resource on geriatric and social care / Elizabeth A. Capezuti, Eugenia L. Siegler, Mathy D. Mezey, editors ; Joan Dunbar, managing editor ; Regina M. Won, assistant managing editor.

RC952.5 .G44342 2006 Geriatric nutrition : the health professional’s handbook / [edited by] Ronni Chernoff.

RC954 .C645 2005 Delmar’s geriatric nursing care plans.

RC952.55 .G46 2004 Geriatrics at your fingertips / authors, David B. Reuben ... [et al.].

RC953.7 .S46 2001 Geriatric dosage handbook : including monitoring, clinical recommendations, and OBRA guidelines / Todd P. Semla, Judith L. Beizer, Martin D. Higbee.

RC954 .E228 2001 Geriatric nursing & healthy aging / Priscilla Ebersole, Patricia Hess.

RC954 .E44 2001 Gerontological nursing / Charlotte Eliopoulos.

RC952 .P75 2000 Primary care of the older adult : a multidisciplinary approach / Mary M. Burke, Joy A. Laramie.

RC953 .G34 2000 Handbook of geriatric assessment / Joseph J. Gallo ...[et al.].

RC954 .G4735 2000 Gerontologic nursing / [edited by] Annette G. Lueckenotte.

Lehman Books on Social Work With Older Adults

HV1461 .M384 2014 Social work with older adults : a biopsychosocial approach to assessment and intervention / Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich.

HV1461 .K33 2008 Gerontological home health care : a guide for the social work practitioner / Goldie Kadushin and Marcia Egan.

HV1451 .R53 2006 Gerontological practice for the twenty-first century : a social work perspective / Virginia E. Richardson & Amanda S. Barusch.

HV1461 .B77 2006 Women in the middle : their parent care years / Elaine M. Brody.

HV1461 .G44 2006 The aging network : programs and services / Donald E. Gelfand.

HV1451 .G75 2004 Group work and aging : issues in practice, research, and education / Robert Salmon, Roberta Graziano, editors.

HV1461 .S568 2002 Social work practice with the Asian American elderly / Namkee G. Choi, editor.

HV1451 .D75 2001 Communication skills for working with elders / Barbara Bender Dreher.

HV1471.N48 C37 2000 Social care of the elderly [electronic resource] : the effects of ethnicity, class, and culture / Marjorie H. Cantor and Mark Brennan.

Lehman Books on the Physiology of Aging

QP85 .B88 2008 The longevity revolution : the benefits and challenges of living a long life / Robert N. Butler.

QP86 .H35 2006 Handbook of the biology of aging / editors, Edward J. Masoro and Steven N. Austad.

QP86 .A44 2004 Health, illness, and optimal aging : biological and psychosocial perspectives / Carolyn M. Aldwin, Diane F. Gilmer ; foreword by James Birren.

Lehman Books on Aging and Public Health

RA564.8 .P84 2012 Public health for an aging society / edited by Thomas R. Prohaska, Lynda A. Anderson, and Robert H. Binstock.

RA564.8 .H335 2011 Rethinking aging : growing old and living well in an overtreated society / Nortin M. Hadler.

RA564.8 .H36 2007 Handbook of health psychology and aging [electronic resource] / edited by Carolyn M. Aldwin, Crystal L. Park, Avron Spiro III ; foreword by Ronald P. Abeles.

RA564.8 .V85 2006 Vulnerable older adults : health care needs and interventions / Patricia M. Burbank, editor.

RA564.8 .H33 2003 Health promotion and aging : practical applications for health professionals / David Haber.

Lehman Books on Nursing Homes

RA999.A35 A45 2008 Nursing home administration / James E. Allen.

RA997 .B67 2001 When someone you love needs nursing home care : the complete guide / Robert F. Bornstein and Mary A. Languirand.

RA997 .L68 2000 But this is my mother! : the plight of our elders in American nursing homes / Cynthia Loucks.

Lehman Books on the Psychology of Aging

RC451.4 .A5 K59 2004 Psychotherapy with older adults / Bob G. Knight.

RC451.4.A5 K46 2000 Geriatric mental health care : a treatment guide for health professionals / Gary J. Kennedy.