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DFN 445: Advanced Nutrition: Peer Reviewed Journals

A guide for Advanced Nutrition students

What is Peer Review?

NCSU (North Carolina State University) Libraries, 2014
Peer Review in Three Minutes
How do articles get peer reviewed? What role does peer review play in scholarly research and publication? This video will explain.

Introducing Peer Review

Carleton University Library, 2019
This video introduces the peer review process for publishing academic journal articles.


FAQ: Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Journals in PubMed

Are the journals in PubMed peer-reviewed? Where can I find a list of peer-reviewed/refereed journals?

NLM has no list of peer-reviewed or refereed journals. You cannot limit a PubMed® search to peer-reviewed or refereed journals.

Most journals indexed for PubMed are peer-reviewed or refereed, but peer review criteria and reviewer or referee qualifications vary. Check a journal's editorial information or ask the publisher about policy for specific journal titles.

Other sources, which may be available through a local library for identifying peer reviewed or refereed journals are: