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Exlporing Your Topic - Research Guides by Subject

There are a variety of ways to find books and articles on the topics and questions related to your Deep Dive.

1. The Library's OneSearch is a great place to start your search. It's like the "Google" of the Library -- it let's you search for all kinds of things at once: books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, scholarly research articles and more.

2. Another approach is to think about who might be writing or talking about your topic and to then look for the kinds of information sources those people might produce.

  • If you're researching something related to current events or issues that are being discussed in society by lots of people, you might want to look for articles written by reporters (also called journalists). These kinds of articles usually appear in newspapers or magazines. They're very up to date and often give you "the news" or people's opinions about what's going on in a society or the larger world. Two databases you might want to check to find this kind of information are:
  • If you think scholars, researchers or professors may be writing about the topic, you may want to search in an academically oriented database. These articles are usually quite long, provide theoretical insight and, depending on the subject, may be grounded in empirical research or data. The library has many databases that provide access to these sorts of articles. One you might want to check is:

3. A third approach is to think about what general academic subject your topic falls under. Lehman's Librarians have curated Research Guides on everything from Anthropology to Women's Studies to help you find specialized, subject-related information. You can find our Research Guides at:

Please watch the videos below for more information about the different kinds of sources mentioned here and for guidance on when you might want to use them.

Types of Sources

BEAM - A Way to Think About Your Sources