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LEH 250 Remote Instruction Resources


Welcome new and first-year students!

This guide provides you with a self-guided orientation to the library and its services. On it you will find:

1. A video hosted by two of Lehman's Librarians that will give you a better sense of the library's website, what you can find there and how you can leverage the Library's resources for your college success.

2. A collection of videos that introduces you to the library's physical spaces and the services you can find on campus, including where to get help at the Library when you need it.

3. A bonus "Choose Your Own Adventure" game that puts you in the position of having to help a friend navigate her information needs. You can explore the Library's website, consider how to evaluate information, learn about the library's 24/7 chat service and more.

4. A Blackboard "assignment" that will prompt you to reflect on the videos.

5. An "assignment" designed to orient you to the Library's OneSearch, which you can think of as like the "Google" of the library. OneSearch allows you to search for books, articles and more.

6. An opportunity to sign up for your FREE subscriptions to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and to learn about FREE access to incredible museums and other cultural institutions in New York. These are all available to you as a CUNY student

7. Step-by-step support to help you navigate some of the Library's resrouces to complete your Deep Dive.