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LEH 250 Research Guide.

Activity and Assignment - Find an Article

In this assignment, you will watch a video about how to find articles using the library's OneSearch and complete an activity in which you will:

  • Search for articles on student success

  • Use keywords to focus your search

  • Explore ways to filter your results in OneSearch

  • Send an item record to yourself from OneSearch and locate the full-text of an article.


Step 1 - To get started, watch the following video.

Complete the Following Activity Using the Library's Website

Step 2 - Now that you've watched the video, click the button below to open an activity you'll complete using the library's OneSearch. After entering your email address, your name, and selecting your LEH 250 Instructor's name, you'll be given step by step instructions for searching using OneSearch and recording what you find. The assignment concludes with a number of questions to help you reflect on your experience using OneSearch.


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