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Know Your Library - Tour | Leonard Lief Library

This guide highlights what you can find at the Leonard Lief Library.


Food Policy

Food Policy:

To maintain cleanliness and preserve print and electronic resources - food and drink are only allowed in the Gallery. 

Students may bring in water bottles - but must keep them away from computers.

Noise Control

A library is a place people come to study, find books and articles, and also meet with friends and fellow students to research together. 

Noise wafts in the open air. Conversations are heard clearly even when there aren't many people in the library or when students seem far away. Noise carries in this enclosed environment.

Suggestions to reduce noise in the library so everyone can get their research needs met include:

  1. Whisper or speak quietly to your friend or study group. 
  2. Set phones to mute, set devices to vibrate, and turn off ringers, alerts, and alarms. 
  3. Use Study Spaces as intended.
  4. Go to the stairway or outside of the library to speak on a cell phone, smartwatch, headphones with a microphone, or BlueTooth headset. 
  5. Bring earplugs to muffle or reduce noise.