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Know Your Library - Tour | Leonard Lief Library

This guide highlights what you can find at the Leonard Lief Library.

Study Zones

Why are Study Zones Important?

Dedicated areas in the library help improve concentration. Students come to the library to find a place to read, study, write and work on assignments on their own or with a study group. Dedicated Study Zones are created so students can focus on their work. 

Please respect the rules of each study zone and be mindful of your peers.

While the Library staff will do their best to enforce this policy, we need the cooperation of the entire community.


Study Zones in the Library -  Select a Study Space appropriate to your needs.

Zone Area Description
Quiet Study 2nd and 3rd Floor South Study quietly.
Considerate Study 2nd and 3rd Floor North – 3rd Floor South Study Rooms When in groups speak as quietly as possible while doing your work.
Conversational Study 1st Floor - 1st Floor Study Rooms - Library Gallery Conversations often happen in these areas with students asking questions in Reference, Circulation, and I.T. Help Desks.


Zoom Class Space - Periodicals Room/Basement Level

Group Study Rooms - 1st Floor and 3rd Floor

Available to the community are eight new rooms designed for small group collaborative work. Each room has transparent glass walls and large wall-mounted monitors. The rooms can be reserved online.

Reflection Room - 3rd Floor North