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Cooperating Teacher Resources


There are lots of databases that are freely available and relevant for practicing teachers. Most of these resources are available without a login. 

There are: 

  • Databases and search engines with access to scholarly articles;
  • Versions of articles that scholars have placed in Institutional repositories. These articles may not include the final edits that a publisher has given an article, but the content is basically the same. CUNY Academic Works is an example of such a repository. Articles from institutional repositories can also be found in Google Scholar. Look for URLs that end in .edu or have the name of a college/university in the URL for these articles;
  • New York State NOVEL databases which provides access to GALE databases;
  • New York Schools Library professional development eBook collection that can be accessed with a DOE login; and
  • New York Public Library has numerous databases that can be accessed with an NYPL library card.

This guide was developed by Alison Lehner-Quam, Education Librarian, Lehman College. Questions or suggestions? eMail:

Scholarly Articles


New York State, School, and Library System Resources