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Children's Books--Content Area Themes and Topics

Indigenous People

Caribbean, Caribbean-American

Asian-American, Japanese, Chinese, Indian

African--Ugandan, Nigerian, Mauritanian


Latinx--Mexican-American, El Salvadorian


Immigrants and Refugees

All Kinds of Relationships

Blended Identities

Finding Books About Identity in the Library

Finding Books in the Lehman Library
A search in OneSearch using the phrases below will pull up books about a wide range of identities and/or are books that are about the concept of identity.
You can paste the following phrases in OneSearch:
Identities Collection” limited by books (on the left column) will pull up the books purchased with grant funds and those already held in the Lehman Collection.
PSC CUNY Grant: Identities” will pull up the books ordered with PSC CUNY 49 grant funds.

Books Affirming Identity

Global Comparisons