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Organizational Leadership: EDL 805: Measurement and Assessment Tools

Program Evaluation Instruments






Education Data Sources

Health: Federal & International Data Sources

Health: New York City & New York State Data Sources

Social Services Web Resources

Database Search Tips

Here are some search tips to help pull up research. Select a database(s) that cover(s) the field related to your program.

Opt for the Advanced Search option.

To find evaluation tools, place in the first box:

survey OR questionnaire OR assessment

AND in the second box place:

"program evaluation" or "program effectiveness"

AND in third box you can list the type of program for which you wish to find resources, e.g. school, hospital, or the audience that you wish your program to reach, e.g. children, parent, family, elderly

Nonprofit Finanacial Information


Seach for 990 and the name of the nonprofit to find financial information.

About Form 990: