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Law: Databases

Which databases are best for Legal Research?

 The following databases can be used to find legal cases, articles and summaries:

Are law review articles the same as peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles?

Articles relating to law are frequently found in law school publications called law reviews or law journals  -- the scholarly literature of the legal profession.  They are:

  • usually edited by law students and contain "notes" written by law students and articles written by law professors, judges or attorneys. 
  • cover narrow subjects, or cutting edge areas of the law and contain hundreds of footnotes citing primary and secondary sources.
  • are sometimes published in conjunction with other entities like the American Bar Association and there is a growing trend toward peer-reviewed law journals --  journals  reviewed by experts in the field, rather than students.

 (Law Review. (2005). In S. Phelps & J. Lehman (Eds.), West's Encyclopedia of American Law (2nd ed., Vol. 6, pp. 215-216). Detroit: Gale.).)

Lexis-Nexis provides access to U.S. Law Review Articles.

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E-Journals Finder

Enter the word "law" in the search box and find over 1,500 law journals and the databases they are in, including  the

  • Harvard Law Review
  • Columbia Law Review
  • Stanford Law Review
  • The Yale Law Journal
  • Michigan Law Review
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