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Urban Sociology (SOC 234): Home

This guide is to help students in SOC 234 courses learn about key research resources and strategies in urban sociology.


This guide was created in partnership between Kate Angell, Assessment-Data Management Librarian, and Professor Nara Roberta Molla da Silva. While the target audience for this group was Prof. da Silva's SOC 234 Urban Sociology course, all Lehman community members studying or interested in the topic of urban sociology are encouraged to use this guide! Please consider helping us by taking this 1-minute poll letting us know if this guide has been useful to you. 


File:The Bronx Graffiti.jpg


Montserrat Boix. (2015). Graffiti en el Bronx [Photograph]. Wikimedia. 

SOC 234 Learning Outcomes, developed by Prof. da Silva

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain to non-sociologists the concept of “urban” by pointing out the various influences of cities on their social phenomena.
  • Provide examples of behaviors, processes, and relationships generated by the urban fabric.
  • Explain the role the space and urban dynamics play in an individual’s life and their effects on several segments of society, such as people of color, immigrants, the wealthy, the poor, women, etc.

  • Explain the major viewpoints in urban sociology and understand the basic argument of both classical and contemporary authors regarding cities.
  • Discuss the economic, political, and cultural forces associated with urban growth, decline, and change.

  • Articulate some major policy issues within the urban space, including, but not limited, to social inequality, poverty, homelessness, power unbalance, and crime by reviewing social movements and government policies over the 20th century. 

Goals of this Research Guide

This research guide will help you learn to:

  • Develop a research topic
  • Find background information
  • Find newspaper articles
  • Find scholarly (academic) journal articles
  • Find US data
  • Find international data
  • Cite your sources in APA Style


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