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Undergraduate Education: Early Childhood and Childhood


In this class you will have an opportunity to explore a resource for information about anti-bias and antiracist work in your field--whether it is education, social work, speech, nursing, or another area of study.


1. Introduction to the Resources:

a. Overview of resources (African-American Oral Histories, Children's Books, Professional Organizations, News Databases, Subject Databases)

b. Search strategies, such as Advanced Searching and use of synonyms/related terms; and search vocabulary, such as keywords

c. How to document and share your resource (citations and links) 

d. Link to this guide:

2. Select a Resource type and go to the Breakout Room for that resource. Explore and share resources with your group. Consider the following reflection questions:

Reflection Questions

What did you find? What search technique did you use?

How would what you found help you avoid bias in your work and address it where you find it?" 

Did you find ways to support student's identities?

3. Return to class--Padlet creation: Each group will have an opportunity to post their resources and what they found to Padlet. Click on the red plus sign at the bottom of the page to add a post. You can include ideas, links to articles, and citations. Share the links to what you discovered.

4. Padlet walkthrough. Share your reflections on what you found.

African-American Oral Histories

Explore African-American History Makers in this video database.

Search strategies:

The database of African-American History Makers oral histories can be searched using a Basic Search. You can search using a few keywords, such as Racism Education. The results will be brief video clips of History Makers discussing their own experiences related to the keywords that you selected. 

How to save a clip:

You can also save your clips easily by clicking on "Add to My Clips." You can email your clips to yourself as a way of saving them.

Children's Books

Discover new Children's Books in print and in digital format. Learn about the library's Identity and Bilingual-Bicultural collections.

Books listed in the guide are housed in the library. Many are part of two special collections:

1) The Bilingual-Bicultural Collection; and

2) The Identity Collection.

You can search through the guide by browsing the different Content Areas (Social Studies, Math, Literacy, Science, Art, Music) or Themes. Specific titles addressing Identity can be found in the Identity tab.

Here are three ways to find books:

1) One way to find a book is to browse the sections and select a book of interest. You can then check the Internet by searching the "Title of the Book" and the author; 

2) Another way is to browse the digital collections; and

3) You can also search OneSearch (the library's discovery tool), and search for "Juvenile Works." Select Advanced Search and add another search topic, e.g racism OR bias OR prejudice. You can limit your search results to

a) Resource Type: Books

b) Limit to Full Text Online (to get only ebooks)

Professional Organizations

Visit professional education websites to find antibias and antiracist resources.


One possible search might be: 

Going to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)--and searching for anti-bias

News Databases

Find current news stories in the news databases below.

Some of the databases have Advanced Search (multiple boxes) fuctions.

Here is a sample search:

First Box: anti-Bias OR antiracist 

Second Box: School OR Education OR Classroom OR Teach

To save link and citation:

In Ethnic NewsWatch:

Click on the article title, and then click on the Other button at the top right of the screen. The URL will be at the top of this page, and a citation option will be below. Copy both and save in a document.

In New York State Newspapers

Click on the article title. The citation (quotation marks) icon is at the top of the screen. There is also a Link option. Copy both and save in a document.

In Nexis Uni

Click on the article title. Then click on Get Citation button (below the title) to copy the citation. The link is included in the citation. Copy and save in a document.

Articles in Subject Databases

Find articles on antibias and antiracist practices in the databases below.

Search Strategy: Combine Databases

You can do a powerful search by combining all three databases. First click on one of the databases, login and then select the Choose Databases link at the top of the 3 search boxes. Click on the box next to the other two databases listed here and click OK to add them to your search.

These databases have Advanced Search capability. Here is a sample search:

First Box: anti-Bias OR antiracist 

Second Box: School OR Education OR Classroom OR Teach

To save a link and citation:

Click on the article title and then view the tools bar on the right of the screen.

Click on the citation icon and select APA. Copy the citation and save it in a document.

Click on the permalink icon and copy the permalink.