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Information Literacy Tutorial

Also available on Blackboard at

As you know, information literacy is one component of the College’s seven institutional learning goals. The Leonard Lief Library developed an Information Literacy Tutorial that was designed to make students better consumers and users of information. Over the past several semesters we have piloted this tutorial, most recently last semester in our LEH 300-level courses under the guidance of Carole Weisz and Raymond Galinski.

Now, we are making this tutorial available to all students in the College. Our goal is ambitious, to have all Lehman students complete this tutorial at least once during their studies here.

The tutorial consists of a series of video modules and a short quiz. Links to the video modules along with a short description appear below:

Module 1 – Defining your Research

Module 2 – Evaluating your Sources

Module 3 – Finding Articles

Module 4 – Citation

Upon completion of the tutorial, students are able to claim a digital badge to certify that they have completed the training. If you choose to give extra credit to students who complete this activity or use it as a course requirement, students can email or print their badge as evidence of completion.

Here is what we ask you to do:

  1. Provide instructions on how to log on to the Blackboard Course to access the Tutorial (note: that the tutorial is not located in your Blackboard course; students must register into another course).
  2. Inform students that they are eligible to receive an electronic credential upon completion of the quiz.
  3. Inform students that they can fulfill a course requirement or earn extra credit (both are at your discretion) upon proof of completing the tutorial (please accept certificates earned in prior semesters as there is no need for students to complete the tutorial more than once).

Below is a sample email that you could adapt for your students:
We hope that you will find this to be a useful tool!


Dear Students:

Lehman College has identified information literacy as being an important component of your college education. Information Literacy has been defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share that information for the problem at hand.

To help enhance your information literacy skills, the Lehman College Library has created a series of four instructional video modules located in a Blackboard course. Each video module is about 10 minutes long and asks you a series of questions about the material presented as you as you move along. At the conclusion of the last video, you will be asked to take a short quiz.

Participating will also provide you with the opportunity to earn a digital badge to mark your accomplishment. The digital badge is portable and when you choose to make your badge visible to others, they can see what it took you to earn your achievement. You can also easily share your badge on social and professional sites.

To register for the course, please follow the instructions posted to HERE. After registering, follow the steps provided to view the videos, take the quiz, and earn your badge.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.