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DFN 730 & 731: Lehman Dietetic Internship

What is in PubMed?

National Library of Medicine (4:41)

PubMed: Basics of Searching

Johns Hopkins Welch Medical Library (10:35)

PubMed: Building a Search

Johns Hopkins Welch Medical Library (17:13)

Building a MeSH Search in PubMed

University of St. Augustine (USAHS) Library (3:21)
This video demonstrates how to build and run a MeSH search in PubMed. MeSH searching is a form of advanced searching in PubMed that uses PubMed's controlled vocabulary to "speak the same language" as PubMed. MeSH searching is often not necessary, but could be useful if your keyword search is producing way too many results that don't seem relevant.