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Spanish Language and Literature

A guide to Spanish language resources

Freely Available Online Resources


Many Spanish-language newspapers offer some type of online access. Below you will find the websites of a few of the major Spanish-language newspapers as well as a web portal to Spanish-language newspapers around the world.

Some popular Spanish-language newspapers:


Listening to spoken Spanish is a great way to practice your comprehension skills and improve your vocabulary. Plus, they can be interesting and fun! Some examples below, but you can find many more online.

Archives/Digital Collections

Archives contain collections of primary sources, such as images, oral histories, music recordings and many more. Some archives that focus on Spanish-language materials or document the history of Latino communities in the United States are recommended below. Many contain materials in both Spanish and English.

CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Located at the City College Library, this centers documents the history of the Dominican community in the United States. They have put together a number of online exhibits. A recent ones is highlighted below:

Library of Congress - Hispanic Division

This section of the Library of Congress collects materials related to the Caribbean, Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It also includes resources on Latinos in the U.S. Among their many digital collections, the PALABRA Archive is of interest to Spanish language students.

CUNY Mexican Studies Institute

Located at Lehman College, the Institute focuses on Mexicans in the diaspora, especially Mexicans in New York City. One of their projects is highlighted below.

Centro - Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Based at Hunter College, Centro documents, preserves and shares the history of the Puerto Rican experience. One of their many projects is highlighted below.