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BIO 400/644: Biological Chemistry Course Guide

Suggested Primary Research Article Reading Outline

Reading the sections of an article following the typical article outline can be overwhelming.  There is no one best way to read an article, but below is a suggested order for reading the sections of a paper so that you can get the most information out of an article.

Typical Article Outline

Suggested Article Reading Outline

Abstract Abstract
Introduction Introduction
Method Conclusion
Results Discussion
Discussion Results
Conclusion Method
References References

Primary Research Article Sections

Abstract  – Brief sumarry of the article

Introduction – Explains the purpose of the research and summarizes/comments on previous research

Methods –  Tells you what equipment and materials were used and explains step by step the experiment conducted.

Results – Explains what was observed during the experiment/study.  This is where the data collected is found.

Discussion/Conclusion – Contains the conclusions that the author would like to draw from the data.  The interpretation of the data occurs here.