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Flipped Classroom Resources: Learning Objectives

Clear Learning Objectives


Step 1: Define Content Scope, Learning Objectives, & Instructional Strategies

The success of your flipped class depends on the alignment of what you want your students to accomplish before, during, and after the class.

Tips on creating learning objectives for the flipped classroom:

    • Write down all the things you’d like students to be able to do. Use action verbs for these things and avoid anything that cannot be measured.
    • Put your list in order from least complex to most complex.
    • Decide which item(s) in your list students could be expected to master before coming to class.
    • Choose a learning objective for the pre-assignment from the less complex objectives--i.e. a building block for more complex objectives.
    • Select learning objectives for in-class activities from the more complex objectives.


Guides to Writing Learning Objectives