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PHE 700: History and Philosophy of Public Health: Videos: Searching ProQuest Public Health

How to Search ProQuest Public Health--PowerPoint & PDF

This presentation, provided in two formats, PowerPoint and PDF, illustrates how to access and search ProQuest Public Health using the Advanced Search feature.  The presentation covers how to broaden or narrow your search results; access the full text of articles and save your search results.

Tutorial on ProQuest Public Health

Use this tutorial to learn how to search ProQuest Public Health, a ProQuest database designed to be the ideal starting point for public health information and research.  ProQuest Public Health contains journal articles, reports, trade publications, full-text dissertations and newspaper articles. 

Subject coverage: Nutrition and Dietetics; Physical fitness and hygiene; Population studies; Social services and welfare; Statistics; Biology - genetics; Drug abuse and alcoholism; Special education and rehabilitation; Environmental studies; Industrial health and safety; Communicable diseases; Allergology and immunology; Nurses and nursing; and Pediatrics.

Original Creator

The PowerPoint presentation and video tutorial was originally created by Tamara Townsend in the 2014-2015 academic year.