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Thesis and Dissertation Guide: FAQ

Thesis and dissertation guide is intended to provide students with the information necessary to create and submit their thesis works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I upload my work into Academic Works myself?

Yes, by following the instructions on the first page of the guide. If you prefer to upload the work with a librarian, email to set up a zoom to upload the work together.

How do I insure that my citations are proper?

The Lehman Library website offers Research Guides on the subject. Citations Research Guides can be found at

What is IRB?

The Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) is dedicated to the protection of human research subjects by fostering the ethical conduct of research at Lehman College and ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations pertaining to research with human beings. More information can be found at Lehman College's Institutional Review Board website

What about copyright? Should I protect my work? How about materials that I quote in my paper?

(C)OPYRIGHT @ CUNY is the university's copyright portal where you can find answers to these questions and more. Go to

Who are the departmental thesis advisers?

Lehman posts a list of graduate advisers on its website at

When will my thesis be made available?

Master's Theses are uploaded within 30 days of submission unless you specify an embargo date that it will be come visible on in the future.

Is this the same as Academic Works? Will my paper be found on CUNY's Academic Works? 

The Master's Thesis Digital Repository is a Lehman College database that is separate from Academic Works and will cease functioning in December 2020

From May 2020, Lehman's Academic Works will contain all student theses, capstone projects and equivalents.