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U.S. Foreign Policy Effects: Home


For this course you will select a foreign policy issue facing America and two other regions of the world. You will need to describe the issue in detail and research what America's foreign policy is on this matter by consulting U.S. government sources and official foreign policy briefs. In your discussion, explain which U.S. government agencies are responsible for addressing the issue or solving the problem you've outlined and those agencies roles. You should then evaluate the relevance of the policy and its effectiveness in enhancing US national interest and explain based on evidence why you think its a good or bad policy.


This guide will help you

  • identify major issues in U.S. foreign policy, 
  • locate U.S. government documents related to U.S. foreign policy, 
  • identify agencies in the U.S. government responsible for various areas of U.S. foreign policy
  • find information to develop and support an opinion on the effectiveness of certain foreign policies in enhancing U.S. national interests (whether the policy strategically helps or hurts the United States).

Subject Guide

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