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DFN 220: Food, Society, and Health

Subject Terms to Try

1.   (Disease name) and nutritional aspects;
       EX. Diabetes and nutritional aspects

2.   Diet therapy  OR  Dietetics  OR  Diet in Disease  OR  Nutrition
      (combined with) names of diseases  –  EX.  hypertension, cancer, etc.

3.   Nutrition Therapy  OR  Diet Therapy  OR  Nutritional Support  OR  Enteral Nutrition  OR  Parenteral Nutrition  (MEDLINE or PubMed)
     (combined with)   names of diseases    –   EX.  hypertension, cancer, etc

4.   Diet therapy  OR  Food and Nutrition  (Health Reference Center)
   (combined with)  disease or person  -  HIV Infections, HIV patients, etc.