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This research guide provides links to resources on Ukraine including government information, maps, news events, and local NYC resources. The guide includes instructions on how to find books, videos, and articles for your research.

Register for Free Access to The New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Register for The New York Times and Wall Street Journal

  1. Begin at the library site at
  2. Click on the tab - STUDENT HELP.
  3. Scroll down to Free Access to New York Times and Free Access to Wall Street Journal.
  4. Register for both with your Lehman College email.
  5. Download the NYT and WSJ apps, enter your NYT and WSJ password, and enjoy access to the articles.

Nexis Uni


  1. Begin at the library website -
  2. Click the Databases tab
  3. Go to Choose database by title.
  4. Click "N" and choose Nexis Uni. 
  5. For off-campus access enter your CUNY Login Credentials.
  6. In Nexis Uni, enter terms, (e.g. Russia Ukraine) and search.
  7. Narrow/Filter results by choosing Publication Type - Newspapers.
  8. Choose newspaper article of interest 
  9. Email article or download it to save.